Food prices soar in Afghanistan


KABUL: Food prices have soared in Afghanistan with the Eid-ul-Fitr festival around the corner, triggering public outcry. 
As the country is grappling with poverty, hunger and skyrocketing food prices have led millions of households across Afghanistan to find it extremely difficult to put food on the table.
Even though the country is not suffering from a shortage of supplies of food and other necessities, most families can’t afford adequate food or new attire for Eid celebrations.
Residents of Kabul say that with rising unemployment and low monthly incomes, it is difficult for families to purchase enough food and clothing for their children since the pricing of these goods is so high after the takeover of Kabul by the Taliban.
According to Mujahidin, a shopkeeper in Kabul, families usually purchase dry fruits to welcome their relatives on Eid better, but the costs of each kilogram of dry fruits have escalated at an unprecedented rate.
Afghans are urging the Taliban to keep necessary food prices under control, especially during Ramadan and the days leading up to Eid, “These prices have been increased unprecedented after Taliban’s new regime started ruling Afghanistan.”