Weekly brief covering Dec. 26 – Jan. 02


Weekly brief covering Dec. 26 – Jan. 02 submitted to ACLED (second deliverable)

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have been cracking down on the Islamic State and raided several IS hideouts in Nangarhar, Khost since last week. In Kapisa, the Taliban arrested 50 students of Hizb-u-Tahrir religious madrasa suspected of having IS links. Taliban have also been cracking down on former security members in Nangarhar, Paktia, Zabul, Farah, Kabul, Baghlan, and elsewhere. Going against the general amnesty they proclaimed when they seized power in August, the Taliban forces have also arrested and tortured ex-government officials in Kabul despite

IS attacks against the Taliban have seen a decrease last week. In one incident, IS attacked the Taliban in Nangarhar province, killing two Taliban members and injuring another. Moreover, there have been more than a dozen incidents involving gunmen killing civilians and former government officials in Kunduz, Paktia and Uruzgan. In Kandahar, two women were killed and two more injured after unknown shooters opened fire on a civilian car.

Meanwhile, IS also detonated two IEDs in Kabul city last week, killing one civilian in the Shahrak-e-Aria and Khair Khana neighborhoods. It seems IS attacks have decreased over the past two weeks as the Taliban continue to suppress IS attacks.