Displaced families return to Sangin ruins after years of fighting


KABUL: Dozens of families who fled fighting in Helmand have returned to their villages in the Sangin district, even though many houses have been reduced to ruins. 
Sangin district is well-known for the fierce fighting that occurred there over the past twenty years. More than half of the houses, markets and public areas were destroyed due to severe fighting that included heavy airstrikes. 
Rahmatullah lost five family members, including his father and brothers, in an airstrike. “There were some checkpoints on this street. They thought that the Taliban forces would attack them,” he said.
Rahmatullah, who has recently returned to his village, said that he hopes for a permanent end to the war. “My brother, who (was injured) is alive now, laid here. My older brother fell down there in the water, when I pulled him back—he was dead by then,” he said.