ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

 About us 

Afghan Peace Watch (APW) is a non-profit organization focused on delivery of credible information and research on security, political violence, civic activism, human rights violations, humanitarian efforts and strategic developments in Afghanistan. 

APW enhances access to credible information in Afghanistan and promotes peace through conflict resolution, media reporting, research, advocacy, accountability, and humanitarian support. 
APW is committed to advocate for peacebuilding through its work in Afghanistan, and has made it its mission to be a credible source of data related to Afghanistan. 
 APW was established by a group of Afghans in early 2020, registered with the Ministry of Economy under the former Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It has been documenting political violence in Afghanistan since February 2020.
On August 15th, following the Taliban’s takeover, media and research organizations have faced strict censorship which has made access to accurate information extremely difficult. To collect credible data from the ground in Afghanistan, APW uses a unique methodology, maintains a network of reporters nationwide, and is connected with 238 sources in all 34 provinces of the country. 

OrbandNews and Rivmonitroing were APW’s previous initiatives.