#SanctionPakistan Remains Top Trend for 4 Days in a Row


KABUL: Thousands of people throughout the world, including many in Afghanistan, have started a major anti-Pakistan campaign on social media to oppose the neighbor country’s involvement in the war-torn country.

“#SanctionPakistan is trending on all social media platforms for the third day in a straight. Afghans are making their voices heard loud and clear. Listen, world, pay attention,” said a senior Afghan journalist, Habib Khan.

According to The Afghanistan Times, people on social media are urging Pakistan to stop interfering in Afghan politics. “SanctionPakistan,” “Stop Proxy War,” and “Stop Supporting” terrorist groups are among the most popular hashtags.

Former Canadian diplomat in Afghanistan, Chris Alexander said that the social media campaign reflected the determination of Afghans to live in peace.

“#SanctionPakistan isn’t just a hashtag trending on Twitter. It reflects the determination of Afghans, Pakistanis & citizens of many other states to live in peace — free from invasion, proxy war & terrorism,” Alexander tweeted.

Afghans tired of decades long war which Pakistan is a main player of forced the people to stage massive social media campaigns.

The nation is asking for peace in Afghanistan and an end to the ongoing miseries in the country, demanding an end to the proxy war.

The proxy war so far has led to devastating amounts of bloodshed.

With a sanction imposed on the neighboring country, Pakistan will be pressured into stopping its support of terror groups, which undeniably would decrease the Taliban’s territorial gains and attacks all across Afghanistan.