No Media Activities in Areas Under Taliban Control

No Media Activities Under Taliban.jpg

KABUL: Taliban are imposing restrictions upon media outlets in territories under their control to adjust their functions according to Sharia principles.

Orband news reporters share that the militant group has appointed its commissioners for information and culture who are setting rules based on which media outlets should operate their news services.

In provinces such as Jawzjan and Takhar, the group’s information and culture commissioner has held meetings with representatives of various media outlets, warning them to maintain Sharia principles in their news programs.

In other provinces such as Sar-e-Pul, Samangan, and Badakhshan, news agencies are reportedly shut down as journalists and media workers have fled after the Taliban takeover of the provinces.

This is while the group has been carrying out targeted attacks against the media figures and journalists.

NAI, an organization supporting open media in Afghanistan, has reported 30 attacks against journalists in the form of abduction, injuring and killing. 

With the insurgent group’s increased advancements across the country, journalists fear the future of their rights in Afghanistan.

The current tactic by the militant group seems to be manipulating the mass media and force it to showcase the group in a positive light, overlooking the humanitarian crimes happening under their rule.