Joint Doha Meeting Call Peace Talks as Only Way for Ending Afghan Crisis

Doha Multilateral Peace Talks.jpg

KABUL: A multilateral meeting in Doha on Tuesday discussed the Afghan peace process, stressing peace negotiations is the only solution for putting end to the Afghanistan crisis.

According to Reuters, the meeting included representatives from the Afghan government, Pakistan, China, United States, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, the United Nations, and the European Union.

All parties involved in the meeting are reported to have agreed upon negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban to be the sole solution for Afghan peace.

Reaching a timely consensus on the fundamentals of Afghan peace was also urged to help promote peace and stability in Afghanistan through joint efforts.

Achieving a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire and formation of an all-inclusive government was another topic prompted during the meeting.

Chinese special envoy for Afghanistan, Yue Xiaoyong, stated that China would be playing a fundamental role in achieving a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan.

“We are also working actively with Afghanistan to think about the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan in the future, and China is ready to make its contributions in this regard. In my opinion, the problem continues to develop now. China will make unremitting efforts with the international community, neighboring countries, and countries in the region,” he told Reuters. 

For the next meeting, China, the US, Pakistan, and Russia are expected to discuss the Afghan peace process further.