Abdullah Leaves for Doha to Discuss Peace

Abdullah Abdullah Leaving for Doha.jpg

KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), and Sayed Saadat Mansoor Naderi, state minister for peace affairs, traveled to Doha on Monday to discuss Afghan peace with collaborating countries.

According to a reliable source from the council, there will be three-day talks, during which Afghan government officials, Taliban leaders, and representatives from the cooperating countries will be present.

“The meeting is aimed at cooperation with the countries involved with the Afghan peace, speeding up the peace talks, and stopping the ongoing violence,” the insider told Ariana News.

Intra-Afghan negotiations started on September 12, 2020, but it did not made any breakthroughs so far, creating skepticism among many Afghans about the efficiency of the process.

This comes as conflicts between Afghan forces and the Taliban have escalated countrywide, forcing thousands of Afghans to leave their homes while leaving many others killed or injured.