'Sanction Pakistan' Trends Globally


KABUL: With more than half the country going through on-the-ground fighting, hashtag ‘SanctionPakistan’ is trending globally on Twitter with more than 100k tweets (and counting), initiated by Afghans who blame the neighbor country for fueling conflicts in Afghanistan.
This global movement follows the latest chants of ‘Allah-u-Akbar’ – ‘God is great’, which started in Herat and swiftly replicated in various provinces as well as by Afghans living in some western countries in support of Afghan security forces and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
The most recent online campaign displays the Afghans’ frustration with Pakistan which is accused of harboring and supporting Taliban militants.
Large number of Afghans living inside and outside the country stood in solidarity with Afghan forces and government under the top trending hashtag #SanctionPakistan on Twitter and Facebook as of today, Monday.
The massive movement demands the international community to sanction Pakistan and press the country to put end to its proxy war in Afghanistan.
Pakistan is accused of supporting the Taliban and other insurgent groups by harboring them and providing them with financial and other resources.
The country is also known for training terrorist fighters in its religious schools, sending them back to create havoc in Afghanistan.
The neighboring country’s constant support of destabilizing groups in Afghanistan has cost its people decades of bloodshed and violence.