Pakistan Protests not being invited to UNSC Meeting on Afghanistan


KABUL: Pakistan has voiced disappointment that it was not invited to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) discussion on the security situation on Afghanistan.

On Friday, the 15-nation UN Security Council, which is presently chaired by India for the month of August, met to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. The Pakistani delegation was not invited to the conference.

At the discussion, India took a veiled dig at Pakistan for providing safe havens to Taliban.

“For enduring peace in Afghanistan, terrorist safe havens and sanctuaries in the region must be dismantled immediately and terrorist supply chains disrupted.

It needs to be ensured that Afghanistan’s neighbours and the region are not threatened by terrorism, separatism, and extremism,” Indian Ambassador to the UN T S Tirumurti said.

In addition, Ghulam Isaczai, Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, also criticized Pakistan, alleging that it is providing safe haven and logistical support to the Taliban.