Ghani Warns Taliban Against Damaging Infrastructure

Ghani Warns Taliban.jpg

KABUL: As Taliban militants are accused of threatening to destroy some major dams, President Ashraf Ghani has warned the group against damaging national infrastructure, saying the insurgents would be responded with severe action if they caused damages to the country’s vital bases.

He made the statements during an online conference with representatives of provincial councils in the Presidential Palace on Wednesday.

The president called the Taliban “evil,” saying, “The evil ruins the entire world. The evil ruins livelihoods, it ruins people’s belief, it ruins people’s lives.”

“Helmand that could feed the entire country, today they soaked it in blood. God is witness. We will not let them get away with this,” said Mr. Ghani.

Warning the Taliban, Ghani said, “Let the Taliban be free. If they are Afghans, they will not look at Salma, Pazhdam, Kamal Khan, Kajaki, and other dams. If they are not Afghans, then they would blow them up, but we will blow up the (Taliban).”

Earlier, Afghan watchdogs and the UN had asked the militant group to avoid attacking public facilities.