Kabul Joins Herat in Chanting Resistance Against Taliban

Kabul Joins Chants.jpeg

KABUL: Large number of residents of capital Kabul on Tuesday night took to their rooftops and chanted slogans in support of national defense forces following a similar demonstration in Herat province a day earlier.

Social media was flooded with videos of Kabul residents chanting the religious calling, ‘Allah u Akbar’ – God is great — to stand in solidarity with Afghan security forces against the Taliban militants. 

The term ‘ملي_قیام’ – ‘Public resistance’ was trending together with Allahu Akbar, alongside various posts on twitter calling for an end to what Afghans describe as Pakistan’s proxy war in Afghanistan. Similar demonstrations were also held in Nangarhar, Khost, Kunar, and Bamyan provinces.

This is while the house of Afghan Defense Minister, Bismillah Mohammadi, was attacked by gunmen following a powerful explosion in front of his residency in Kabul city on Tuesday night.

Four gunmen had entered the location and were later captured by the defense forces, reported RTA

In a video released by the defense minister following the attack, he assured the public, “Such attacks will not influence our determination and morale to protect the country, in the slightest bit.” 

A drone shot of the city showed the dreadful scene of attack and gunfire on one side, while a crowd chants ‘Allah u Akbar’ and blasts the national anthem, waving the Afghan flag on the other. 

These demonstrations come as conflicts have escalated countrywide and the Taliban are on pursuit to capture provincial capitals and challenge the Afghan government in Kabul.