Herat People Voice Their Support for ANDSF

Herat ANDSF Support.png

KABUL: Following heavy clashes between Afghan forces and the Taliban in western Herat, large number of people in the provincial capital on Monday night climbed to their rooftops and chanted slogans in support of Afghan security and defense forces.

The people chanted “Allah u Akbar”- God is Great – in support of the forces and vowed to defend Herat city by standing against Taliban fighters.

There are also some video footages circulating on social media that show Herat people chanting the Islamic calling and declaring their resistance to insurgents.

The clips also show residents of Herat city marching in the streets with national anthem playing in the loudspeakers.

The campaign is said to be ran by Ismail Khan, a senior Jamiat-e-Islami leader, to show solidarity to the Afghan defense forces.

After the march, a hashtag ‘قیام_هرات’ (Herat Uprising) in support of Afghan forces remains the top trend in twitter since Monday night.