Afghan Canadians Gather in Support of Afghan Government

Caadian Gathering.jpg

KABUL: A mass gathering of Afghans in Toronto, capital of Canada, and Paris capital of France demonstrated in support of the Afghan government and Afghan security forces.

“One thing we want to send the message to the world that we fully support our defense forces and that what we want is [the] republic, republic, republic!” the demonstrators chanted while carrying banners that read ‘End the violence in Afghanistan, Taliban are against humanity, we condemn all wars in Afghanistan’.

A video clip captured from the gathering, shared by Pajhwok Afghan News, went viral on social media.

Similarly, Afghans were demonstrating in front of the United Nations (UN) Vienna office, demanding an end to proxy wars in Afghanistan.

Both inside the country and abroad, Afghan people have repeatedly urged all parties to the conflict to reach a peaceful settlement and stop the ongoing violence that turned worsened and more destructive.

In the most recent UN report of women and children casualties, the past months were called the deadliest ever since 2001.