Afghan Leaders Renew Support for Government, Peace


KABUL: Afghan political leaders, Jihadi figures, religious scholars, and civil society representatives declared their support to the Afghan government during a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday.

President Ashraf Ghani, in a tweet, said that the influential figures have voiced their support of Afghanistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

These figures also declared their patronage of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), the tweet read. “While stressing the urgency for peace, all agreed that defending Afghanistan is our fundamental right,” the president said.

The Presidential Palace in a statement also said that a consultative meeting on peace and reconciliation was held with elders, political and jihadi leaders.

During the meeting, it was stressed that ending the ongoing war and ensuring durable peace was the top priority of the republican side, the statement concluded.

This comes as conflicts between Afghan forces and the Taliban have escalated countrywide, causing huge casualties on both sides as well as on civilians.

Seeking peace and stability, Afghans have been urging on all parties of the conflict to put end to the bloodshed going on for over four decades by reaching a negotiated settlement.

The Doha peace talks which started in September 2020 yet to produce any tangible results.