‘Extended Troika’ to Discuss Afghan Peace in Doha

Torika Talks.jpg

KABUL: ‘The Extended Troika for Afghan Peace’ which include Russia, US, and China and Pakistan, is set to meet in Doha next week and discuss the Afghan reconciliation process, reported the Russian newswire, TASS.

Zamir Kabulov, Special Russian Representative for Afghanistan, announced the meeting plan while speaking in an online briefing.

“We are in constant contact over the phone with my counterpart (US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay) Khalilzad, who is now in Washington. Next week, we are planning to meet in Doha with him and with our Chinese and Pakistani counterparts for the next encounter of the Extended Troika,” he said.

He said, “Beijing recently appointed its new envoy for Afghanistan whom I do not know and expect to meet him in Doha on August 11.”

 “We will continue substantive consultations both in the bilateral and extended Troika formats and are ready for broader talks with interested international actors,” Kabulov added.

The last meeting between the Troika member countries in April emphasized on the continuation of peace process, reduction in violence in Afghanistan and the safety of international troops during their departure from the country.

While there has been no evident progress in the Afghan peace talks, the Taliban have increased their attacks for what it is believed the group wants to exert a strong leverage in peace negotiations.

Zahid Hafeez Chaudhuri, Pakistan’s foreign ministry spokesperson, commenting on the upcoming meeting, said, “Pakistan will continue to support efforts to achieve a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan.”

A power vacuum in Afghanistan has the potential to disrupt the peace and stability of the region altogether.

To avoid any political chaos, regional actors try to facilitating a peaceful solution to the Afghan conflict, however, Pakistan is doubted about its honesty in the process considering to the country’s support to insurgent groups including the Taliban.