US Airstrike Kills 8 Taliban Fighters in Spin Boldak

US Airstrike in Kandahar.jpg

KABUL: US Air Force reportedly targeted an armored tank operated by Taliban in Spin Boldak district of Kandahar province on Friday, apparently in response to the most recent Taliban offenses in the region, security officials said.

The officials said that the tank was a remnant of the Soviet Union and eight Taliban militants were killed when attacked.

A reliable source told Orband News that the US forces temporarily took charge of Kandahar airport and would manage Kandahar security situation from Bagram Airfield for the next one week.

In case the city of Kandahar faces any major risk, the US Air force would use B52 aircraft for controlling the situation, the official said.

This is the fourth airstrike from the US Air Force during the last week.

The Taliban have yet to comment on the matter.

This is amid Taliban’s rapid advances in the Spin Boldak‘s strategic town, bordering with Pakistan.