Afghanistan Will Become a ‘Pariah State’ If Taliban Return to Power: Blinken

Blinken Photo.jfif

KABUL: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, said that Afghanistan would become a “pariah state” if the Taliban take over the country, stressing forceful takeover of a country and violating people’s rights could not bring stability.

“An Afghanistan that does not respect the rights of its people, an Afghanistan that commits atrocities against its own people would become a pariah state,” said Blinken during his visit to India on Wednesday.

He stated that, “The Taliban say that they seek international recognition, that they want international support for Afghanistan. Presumably. They want their leaders to be able to travel freely in the world, sanctions lifted, etc.”

“The taking over of the country by force and abusing the rights of its people is not the path to achieve those objectives,” he warned.

This comes as Taliban militants escalated their attacks on Afghan government targets and took control of over a hundred districts in around two months.