No Military Solution to Afghan Crisis: Ghani

Joint Coordination Monitoring Board Ghani.jpg

KABUL: Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani reiterated the government’s willingness for direct negotiations with the Taliban, stressing that there is no military situation to the Afghan conflict.

President made the remarks on a live meeting of Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board today morning.

While talking to the meeting, president Ghani said that that the release of 5,000 imprisoned Taliban fighters proved the government’s will for peace.

“Loya Jirga took the unprecedented step of releasing 5,000 hardened Taliban fighters and some of the largest drug dealers under the assurance of good conduct by the international community,” he said.

Emphasizing the need for intra-Afghan dialogue, the president expressed, “Afghans should make their future on their own, we have never asked the US President Joe Biden and NATO to change their decision on their troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

The Afghan president stressed the importance of political settlement and said that he offered early elections to facilitate a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Ghani said that the government was still ready for direct negotiations with the Taliban.

Intra-Afghan negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government started on September 12, 2020, but no any breakthroughs have so far made in the process that is currently at standstill.