PTM Stages Rally for Afghan Peace in Waziristan


KABUL: Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) organized a mass public gathering in South Waziristan on Tuesday, calling for peace and demanding an end to the Pakistani proxy war in Afghanistan.
The rally was attended by thousands of people from Makin of South Waziristan and all over Pakhtunkhwa. 
The leader of the Pashtun Salvation Movement, Pashteen, vowed not to allow Pakistan to turn Waziristan into a sanctuary of terrorists once again. 
“We will not allow Pakistan to use our soil against Afghanistan.” Manzoor Pashteen told the gathering. 
In the early 2000s, the Pakistani military used Waziristan as a breeding ground for militants fighting in Afghanistan. 
This is the first time that people from the very Waziristan gather in such numbers to oppose the Pakistani policy of Talibanization of Pashtun land and Afghanistan. 
The Afghan Taliban, Haqqani Network, Pakistani Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taraba, Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Al-Qaeda, Sepah-e-Sahaba, and many more international Jihadists were based in Waziristan under the arm of the Pakistani military and spy agency.
Most of the international Jihadists were pushed toward Afghanistan following a Pakistani military offensive in 2014. 
Pakistan has been using the Pashtun tribal areas across the Durand Line to launch attacks in Afghanistan for decades. 
“Let the Afghans decide their own future,” said Pashteen, adding, “We strongly oppose the war in Afghanistan because the war is destroying the Pashtuns as well.”
Despite the importance of this enormous PTM rally, the Pakistani mainstream media decided not to provide any coverage that will upset the notorious Pakistani military. 
PTM is a rights movement of Pashtun beyond the Durand Line. 
The movement stands for peace in the region and opposes state sponsoring terror by Pakistan. 
Members of this movement have been killed, tortured, and jailed by the notorious Pakistani military establishment for speaking up against the Pakistani terror in Afghanistan and the Pashtun land.