Pakistan Should Be Declared ‘Terrorist State’: Nabil


KABUL: Former Afghan spymaster, Rahmatullah Nabil, claimed that Pakistani army kept strong ties with terrorist groups, saying Pakistan should be declared a ‘terrorist state’.

Nabil in a tweet on Sunday said that Pakistan has turned into a rogue nuclear country that cannot tolerate a stable, prospering Afghan neighbor for itself.

Paki military has super alliances with terrorists. It should be declared a terrorist state. ISI can protect UBL & regional/International terrorists but Afghans are not allowed to meet PAK politicians!” Nabil said.

Nabil also posted some documents on his Twitter account he attributed to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

These documents clearly show Pakistan’s close ties with the terrorist groups, he said.

Heated exchange of criticisms between Afghan and Pakistani officials over allegations on Islamabad’s support to insurgent groups have heightened tensions between the two countries.