US to Continue Airstrikes in Support of ANDSF: MacKenzie


KABUL: The US army has increased its airstrikes in Afghanistan to support the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), stated Frank Kenneth MacKenzie, commander of the US Central Command, to a press conference in the US embassy in Kabul.

He clarified that the US would be providing logistical over-the-horizon support to the Afghan Defense Forces, even after they completed troop pullout.

“We will continue to support the Afghan forces even after that August 31 date, it will generally be from over the horizon,” he said.

The most recent US airstrikes were carried out in Kandahar and Helmand provinces, targeting insurgent groups’ equipment and hideouts.

The Taliban aims to portray a greying image of the inevitable demise of the Afghan government and their military victory; however, their win is not unavoidable, he said.

Acknowledging the currently tricky situation ANDSF is facing, the top US general stated that whether the Afghan forces could defend their land would be evident in the upcoming days or weeks.

As the US has completed 90 percent of its troops’ withdrawal, insurgents have increased their assaults on government positions in various parts of Afghanistan.