39 Pakistanis Found Dead in Nangarhar Battlefield: MoD


KABUL: The Ministry of Defense on Tuesday said that the 39 Pakistanis nationals who were fighting alongside the Taliban insurgents were found dead in the battlefield in in Nangarhar province.

A spokesman of the Ministry of Defense tweeted that all the bodies of Pakistanis who were among many Taliban fighters killed in the battle, had been transferred to the neighbor country.

On the other hand, Nangarhar governor, Ziaulhaq Amarkhail confirmed the killing of Pakistani nationals in the battle and said, “The war from Pakistan is no longer secret. It directly engaged in the Afghan conflict.”

The Afghan government has repeatedly accused Pakistan for assisting terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

However, the Pakistani side refused its involvement in the Afghan war or supporting insurgent groups.

Harsh exchange of statements between Afghan and Pakistani officials over allegations on Islamabad’s support to insurgent groups have heightened tensions between the two countries.