Mohib Meeting Sharif Upsets Pakistan

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KABUL: The London meeting of Afghan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib with the exiled Pakistani Prime minister Nawaz Sharif has upset Islamabad, as Af-Pak relations are at a new low. 

The Pakistani military establishment sees the Afghan NSA as a vocal enemy. Mohib has recently been outspoken against the Pakistani proxy war in Afghanistan.

Nawaz Sharif, a Muslim League (N) party leader, is in strong opposition to the Pakistani military establishment and is in exile now.

According to the Afghan Office of National Security, the meeting aimed to improve relations with Pakistani democratic forces in Pakistan for peace in Afghanistan and the region. 

Strengthening democracy is the way forward to achieve territorial stability and the welfare for both Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mohib told Sharif. 

Upon discussion, both sides agreed on gaining the utmost benefit through a “policy of mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.” 

Nawaz Sharif was accused of having “intent on seeking revenge from his own country,” said Pakistani Minister for Planning, Asad Omar, in a reaction tweet, adding, “May God keep us safe from all such evil intent.”

The Human Rights Minister of Pakistan went as far as to call the discussed mutual interest to “only be to attack Pakistan.”

In response, Pakistan Muslim League Vice President and Sharif’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz, called out the officials for lacking the ability to “comprehend” the “very essence of diplomacy,” saying, “Pakistan’s peaceful existence with its neighbors is the very foundation of Nawaz Sharif’s ideology for which he has worked tirelessly,” in her Twitter.

“It is the very essence of diplomacy to talk to everyone, listen to their point of view and convey one’s own message across: something this government doesn’t comprehend and hence is a complete failure on the international front,” added Maryam.

This is amid a video showing Pakistani soldiers entering Afghanistan through the now-Taliban-occupied area of Spin Boldak.

Pakistan has been supporting the Taliban militancy for decades. However, the country is now more openly aiding the group to take over Afghanistan.

In an effort for peace in Afghanistan and the region, the Afghan government seeks to connect with all democratic forces in Pakistan and the region to unify them against the notorious Pakistani military establishment.

Besides sponsoring the war in Afghanistan, the Pakistani military has constantly fought against all democratic movements in Pakistan. 

Pakistan has been repeatedly criticized for impeding regional peace and security by siding with militants fighting in Afghanistan and India.