Defense Minister Vows to Prevent Taliban from Gaining Power

Bismillah Khan Mohammadi.jpg

KABUL: The recently appointed Afghan minister of defense vowed not to allow the Taliban to take full control of the country and achieve “their evil goal.”

Speaking at a graduation ceremony in Kabul on Saturday, Gen. Khan said, “The Taliban will not reach their goals through violence. They only add to the pain and suffering of our people.” 

Losing territory is a natural phenomenon during a conflict, said the General adding that they are fully committed to defending Afghanistan.

Co-echoing Gen. Khan’s remarks, the commander of Special Forces of the Afghan National Army (ANA), Khaled Amiri, affirmed that Special Forces will defend the country and will prevent the enemies from gaining their goals. 

Twenty women were among the Special Forces Military Academy graduates.


The Taliban fully banned women from enlisting for military training.

The Pakistani-backed Taliban in recent months have made rapid territorial gains across Afghanistan, as the U.S.-led foreign troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan.


With the help of local uprising forces, Afghan security forces have slowed down the Taliban advancement and have launched a counter-offensive to retake control of the districts from the Taliban.