Afghans Demand Justice for Silsila Alikhil

Silsila Ali Khail Photo.jpg

KABUL: Silsila Alikhil, the daughter of the Afghan envoy to Pakistan, was abducted and tortured in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.


She was kidnaped and then found with hands and feet tied in the most secure area of the city.


The incident has caused outrage among Afghans, calling for justice and shutting the Pakistani embassy. 

A day after the incident, scores of Afghans gathered in front of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul, demanding justice for Silsila.


The protestors call on the international community to sanction Pakistan and put an end to the Pakistani proxy war in Afghanistan. 

The protestors called on the Afghan government to shut the Pakistani embassy, a call co-echoed by many Afghans on social media with a trend #ShutPakistaniEmbassyInKabul.

A senior Afghan diplomat told OrbandNews on condition of anonymity that the daughter of the Afghan envoy was kidnapped to pressurize the Afghan ambassador, Najibullah Alikhil. “This is an intimidating tactic by Pakistanis.”

The Pakistani military has a history of human rights violations, extrajudicial killings, torture, systematic rape, and forced disappearance. 

The Afghan government has condemned the incident calling on the government of Pakistan to arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible.


The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that his government will bring the perpetrators to justice in 48 hours. 

Ms. Ali Khel, after being released, is currently under medical treatment.

This is amid heavily souring relations between the two neighboring countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, as the Pakistani-backed Taliban has intensified its violent campaign across Afghanistan.