Afghan Air Force Receives Aircraft, Radars

New Helicopters.jfif

KABUL: Afghan air forces received a fleet of seven helicopters as part of the newly pledged aid to better equip the Afghan Air Force (AAF), said the top spokesman for Afghan forces, Ajmal Omar Shinwar.

The United States announced that the country would provide 45 Black Hawk and Seven Super Tucanos to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). 

As the U.S. forces are fully withdrawing from Afghanistan, American officials have frequently affirmed their commitment to supporting ANDSF in the fighting against the Taliban and Islamic State. 

At the same time, the first consignment of radars from France was delivered to Kabul, on Saturday, according to Afghan officials.


The radars are set to be installed in 12 different places.

Airpower is critical in the war against the Taliban, and the ANDSF was heavily dependent on U.S. air support.


However, as the U.S. is withdrawing, the AAF cannot fill the vacuum with the aircraft at hand.

Although, the new air-crafts and equipment will better equip the forces and help their morale in the fighting against the Pakistan-backed Taliban.