Afghan Forces Retake Control of Five Districts From the Taliban

Afghan Forces Launch Counterattacks.jfif

KABUL: Pro-government forces have retaken the control of five districts from the Taliban during the past 72 hours, according to Afghan officials.


Afghan National Defense and Security (ANDSF) has launched a counter-offensive to regain control of the territory lost to the Taliban during the past months.

ANDSF has so far retaken control of five districts in the north, west, and central Afghanistan.

Kahmard and Saighan in central Bamyan, Shaikh Ali and Surkh Parsa in northern Parwan, and Chakhasur in western Nimruz have been recaptured by the government. 

“Operation by the ANDSF to retake districts that were under the influence of the enemy is underway,” said the Defense Ministry Spokesperson, Rohullah Ahmadzai. 

Right after the announcement, residents in Bamiyan came out to the streets to celebrate the victory by playing live traditional music. 

As the international troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Pakistani-backed Taliban has intensified violence throughout Afghanistan, taking control of many districts from the government. 

According to Afghan Peace Watch (APW), the Taliban now control 197 district centers out of the 385 districts and 34 provincial capitals.