World Bank Afghanistan To Move Staff To Pakistan

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KABUL: The World Bank country office in Kabul is expected to move all the Afghans and expatriate staff to Pakistan, a country that is responsible for the ongoing violence in Afghanistan. 


World Bank South Asia is setting a dangerous precedent for other international organizations to follow, adding up to the mass distress among Afghans. 


During the civil war in the 1990s, most non-governmental international offices were operating from Pakistani cities. 


Pakistan is directly supporting terror in Afghanistan and is involved in a proxy war against Afghanistan for more than forty years. 


The decision of the world bank’s Kabul office, however, was opposed by the world bank national staff. 


Yet, the organization had told the staff that they had to proceed accordingly and that there is “no other option.” 


A staff member working for the world bank told OrbanNews, on condition of anonymity, that the world bank office is expected to move to Pakistan in the next few weeks. 


The newly appointed World Bank country director for Afghanistan, Melinda Good, previously worked for the bank in Pakistan and has developed close contacts with the Pakistani government. 


World Bank South Asia has decided to move its staff to Pakistan as the security situation deteriorates in Afghanistan and the Pakistani-backed Taliban is making rapid territorial gains across Afghanistan following the withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan.