Government Bans Politicians from Traveling to Pakistan

Afghan Government Bans.jpg

KABUL: The Afghan government issued a ban on politicians traveling to neighboring Pakistan on Thursday, according to the Sarkhat Daily based in Kabul.


This is a step toward ending all diplomatic ties with Pakistan, as the Pakistani-backed Taliban is stepping up offensive in Afghanistan. 


Pakistan recently had stated that it would host a conference with senior Afghan leaders, a move many in Kabul see as part of the long-time Pakistani interference in Afghan affairs. 


This is amid increasing tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan and the Taliban gaining control of Wesh, a key town in Kandahar bordering Pakistan.


Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry stated that “Important Afghan leaders, including Hamid Karzai, have been invited” in a recent tweet.


For decades, Pakistan has been directly involved in the war in Afghanistan and is publicly aiding the Taliban militants, fighting against the state in Afghanistan.


The travel ban has significant implications for the future diplomatic relations of Afghanistan with Pakistan, given the current war and Pakistan being accused of backing the Taliban by Afghans. 


Afghans called on the Afghan government to cut off all ties with Pakistan unless the country stops supporting violence in Afghanistan.