Policeman Single-Handedly Fought the Taliban for 3 Days

Afghan Hero Ahmad Shah.jfif

KABUL: An Afghan policeman Ahmad Shah Khan, single-handedly fought the Taliban militants for three successive days, inflicting casualties on them and outlasting their attack on the 7th police district of Kandahar city.


A video of Mr. Khan retelling the encounter went viral on Afghan social media, many praising him as a national hero, for his gallant resistance against the Taliban militants. 


Mr. Khan is a native of Kandahar and a member of the Afghan National Police (ANP).


Calling the Taliban weak, he said, “I was surrounded by the Taliban for three days, and they couldn’t harm me, meaning the enemy is very weak. All they have is empty propaganda. You should not fear your enemy in life.”


He said that the Taliban called on him to surrender but he refused the offer and kept fighting the militants until they were frustrated after three days. “This is my land and you are the servants of Punjabis,” said Mr. Khan to the Taliban.


Punjabi here refers to the Punjabi-dominated Pakistan military that is supporting militancy in Afghanistan. 


All of Khan’s companions left the resistance but he remained the only one to fight the Taliban until the end. He had all the guns and ammunition needed and he said that he inflicted heavy casualties on the militants marching on his outpost. 


The Taliban militants had snipers to take him down but that didn’t scare him off and he kept fighting until the government sent the commandos as reinforcement.


This comes as the Taliban militants are making rapid territorial gains across Afghanistan, taking control of one-third of the Afghan districts. The militant group has released many videos of the mass surrender of members of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). 


To boost the morale of Afghan forces fighting the Taliban, many Afghans have called on the government to honor Mr. Khan as a national hero for his bravery against the militants.