Notorious Taliban Execute Surrendered Commandos


KABUL: 22 surrendered commando fighters were shot to death by the Taliban, showed a recently released video of the insurgency group in a northern district of Afghanistan during June, published by CNN on Tuesday, reported by Anna Corn. 


The video shows the commandos walking out of a facility with their hands in the air while the insurgent fighters shout “surrender.”


Mere seconds after surrendering, several gunshots are heard, and dead bodies of the Afghan forces can be seen in the video published.


The special force troops had fought the Taliban for two hours before they were forced to surrender due to running out of ammunition., reported CNN’s Anna after speaking with five witnesses who confirmed the killings.


A local resident told the reporter that the special force commander called for backup but to no avail, leading to the force’s surrender.


The insurgency group has denied the video allegation, claiming it has been fabricated.


The red cross, however, confirmed retrieval of the Afghan special force bodies.


The insurgency group persistently has been claiming a renowned image of themselves; however, the atrocities in various Taliban-run districts of the country prove otherwise.