New Air Defense System Installed in Kabul

Air Defense System.jpg

KABUL: New air defense system that neutralizes rockets and missiles has been installed in Kabul city to prevent potential Taliban air attacks, said the Interior Ministry Deputy Spokesperson, Hamid Roshan, in a video statement released to the media on Sunday.


“This rocket has proven sufficient for neutralizing rockets and missiles,” said Roshan.


This technology is to be later installed in other major cities in Afghanistan, “This is being installed for the first time in Kabul city, and we plan to install this to other major cities later too to avoid the potential enemy’s air attacks,” according to the deputy spokesperson. 


The new air defense system was activated on Monday in Kabul city.


Mr. Roshan assured the public of their commitment to defending the country, stating, “We assure all our fellow citizens that we are taking all the possible necessary measures and will be defending our people and our country bravely,” in the video statement.


This is in the light of the current increase in heavy confrontations between the Taliban and the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in various regions of the country.