Taliban Responsible for Prolonging the War: Ghani

Ashraf Ghani Taliban War.jpg

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani called on the Taliban to promise their loyalty for keeping Afghanistan sovereign, claimed he caused the US to withdraw with “dignity,” and asked the Afghan nation to unite for peace, during his speech for Khost airport inauguration, on Saturday.

The Afghan president visited Khost on Saturday to inaugurate Khost international airport.

He personally welcomed the passengers of the first-ever flight of Kam air from the UAE

Commenting on the US withdrawal, he said, “Did I ask them (the US) any day to remain here? Didn’t I say seven years ago that they would leave? Didn’t I send a letter to President Trump two years ago to leave?” 

Condemning the Taliban for the ongoing violence, “The Taliban is responsible for the continuation of the war,” he said.

President Ghani asked the insurgency group, “Who are they fighting for?“ as he called on them to pledge an oath to the nation. 

“If you love Afghanistan, promise me you have not accepted the Durand Line, promise me not to change Afghanistan from a roundabout to a one-way road, promise me you will not sell Afghanistan’s waters to others, promise me you will not serve others,” Ghani stated. 

Voicing his frustration with the current war, Ghani said, “We want peace with everyone…. If 200 to 400 to 600 Afghans are killed every day, who will benefit from this? … I will tell you about Arghandab. They destroyed three bridges that cost at least $15 million, they bombed 1,000 homes.”
“Nothing is built through disunity,” the president told the gathering of residents, elders, women, and local officials in the south-eastern city.

“I call on all Afghans to become united like the Khost residents and stand firm; otherwise, you will be responsible for six generations,” he urged whilst indirectly addressing the propaganda and rumors, saying the fight on the battlefield has not been lost.

Ghani inaugurated the international airport in Khost city, as the security situation is further deteriorating all across the country. 

The airport connects Khost city residents to the gulf countries and will have regular flights. 

There are tens of thousands of natives of Khost working in the gulf, and they have helped the local economy grow with the cash in-flow from there.