U.S. Is Disregarding Its Responsibility: China

Chinese Foreign Ministry.jpg

KABUL: China blamed the U.S. for disregarding its responsibility by withdrawing from Afghanistan “hastily,” calling the decision to be irresponsible, in a speech by Chinese Foreign spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Saturday, reported by The News International.


“The U.S. disregards its responsibilities and duties and withdraws troops from Afghanistan hastily, dumping the mess and war on the Afghan people and countries in the region,” said Wenbin.


He stated, “The U.S. as the original culprit of the Afghan issue, bears unavoidable responsibility for the current situation in Afghanistan.”


China is to discuss the Afghan security crisis with Russian, Indian, Pakistani, and numerous other Central Asian foreign ministries at a Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting next week, reported by The News International.


This is amid an unprecedented increase in the Taliban activities in various regions of Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrawal announcement earlier this year.


While the U.S. and the international community are withdrawing their troops, Afghanistan is left with an ongoing war and ever-increasing violence across its territory.