Religious Scholars Call For Peace

Maydan Wardak.jfif

KABUL: Religious scholars called on the Taliban to stop violence and make peace, during a gathering in Maidan Wardak province, on Friday. 

“Religious scholars have a responsibility towards peace,” said Abdul Rahman Tariq, the provincial governor of Maidan Wardak. 


“They must fulfill this responsibility in settling peace, preventing war, and ending the instability,” he emphasized.  

The event attended by numerous provincial scholars was part of a series of the scholars’ gatherings on promoting peace and mobilizing people against the ongoing violence. 

Local scholars, including the government-appointed head of the religious affairs for the province, Hafizullah Salaam, vowed to support the government and call on the Taliban to agree to a durable peace. 

Maidan Wardak is one of Afghanistan’s most volatile provinces that borders the capital Kabul.


The Taliban control six districts of the province, while the government controls the provincial capital and two districts. 

As the Taliban militants have stepped up their military campaign across Afghanistan, people from all over Afghanistan have called on the insurgency group to stop the violence and agree to a ceasefire that leads to a durable peace.


In other provinces, people have mobilized against them and have joined the ranks of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) to defend Afghanistan against the Pakistani-backed Taliban.