Khost Residents Mobilize in Support of ANDSF

Khost Support Announced.jfif

KABUL: Various districts’ elders, religious scholars, and youth announced their support for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in a massive public gathering in Khost, on Wednesday.


Khost top officials including, governor major general Mohmand Katwazai, first-rank special division’s commander colonel Gukbuddin Alkozay, provincial chief of police brigadier Saifullah Sarhadi, and chief of national security Rais Abdul Samad Manduzi were present and spoke to the locals.


The locals announced their complete support of the ANDSF, announcing that, [they] will walk shoulder to shoulder with the national defense forces under all and every circumstance, while also expressing their disapproval of defense forces’ besiegement in their headquarters, stating that they no longer want the history to repeat itself so that national defense forces be abandoned.


The local speeches highlighted that the public would not allow the enemy [Taliban] to harm their Islamic and national values.


The Khost governor and the first division commander expressed their gratefulness and respect for the public support and promised their total commitment and support to the national forces in the province.


The public gathering ended with a prayer for the “nation’s settlement and forever peace.”


As of recent, the Taliban has increased their offenses in hopes of expanding their territories, creating mass unsettlement in various districts. 


Afghan residents across various provinces have shown their support for the national defense forces through similar gatherings and announcements or public uprising forces.