Afghan Forces Who Retreated to Tajikistan Are Being Brought Back Home: Hamdullah Mohib

Hamdullah Mohib - Tajikistan.jpg

KABUL: Afghan soldiers to retreated to Tajikistan through the shared border are being brought back home, said Hamdullah Mohib, Afghan national security advisor, in a news briefing this Tuesday.


He stated that 2300 soldiers who had retreated to the neighboring country are reporting back to duty, saying, “Those who crossed into Tajikistan are coming back to be in the service of the people and in defense of Faizabad (capital of Badakhshan).”


Mohib did not provide the specifics of how or when the fled personnel would be brought back to Afghanistan.


Earlier this week, due to the Taliban’s latest advances, Tajikistan positioned 20,000 reserve officers on its border with Afghanistan, while Russia confirmed that it would “provide Tajikistan with the necessary support.”


Afghan defense forces were hit with an “unexpected” rapid increase of the Taliban offenses in northern Afghanistan, leading to many soldiers fleeing to Tajikistan.


Hamdullah Mohib earlier confirmed the government’s plans to “absolutely, definitely” counterattack the insurgency group.


With the alarming rise in violence across Afghanistan, many are concerned with future stability, given the heated confrontations.