US Completed 90 Percent Withdrawal from Afghanistan: US Central Command

90% Completed Withdrawal.jpg

KABUL: The US has completed “more than 90%” of its troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, US Central Command released in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement did not provide an exact number of troops remaining; however, during the withdrawal announcement by US president Joe Biden, there were between 2500-3000 forces in Afghanistan.

This comes days after the biggest US base in Afghanistani, which was also considered the focal point of US presence, the Bagram airbase was vacated.

While 90 percent of troops have been withdrawn in just two months, the White House this Friday said that it would not be fully completed until the end of August.

Biden said, “We’re on track exactly as to where we expect to be,” on Friday.

Pentagon had stopped updating the troops’ progress once the US reached 50 percent withdrawal in early June, “for operational security reasons and to preserve force protection.”

With troops withdrawing speedily, the Taliban have increased their offenses across various zones of Afghanistan, leaving many concerned with the future of the country.