Tajikistan to Reinforce Its Border with Afghanistan

Tajikistani Border.jpg

KABUL: Tajikistan would reinforce its border with Afghanistan through an additional 20,000 troops as a response to the Taliban gaining control of two-thirds of the border, reported Radio Liberty on Monday.


Emomali Rahman, Tajikistan’s president, has reportedly ordered 20,000 reserve officers to be positioned in the Afghan-Tajikistan border in a top security meeting on July 5, according to Radio Liberty.


He is also reported to have spoken with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the Uzbek and Kazakh presidents.


According to a Kremlin statement, Putin has confirmed that Moscow was ready to “provide Tajikistan with the necessary support” on a bilateral basis and through the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a Russian-led military alliance.


Emomali is also reported to have spoken to Ashraf Ghani, president of Afghanistan, about the “alarming” situation of the Afghan-Tajikistan border, according to Tajikistan state media. 


This is amid heated fighting in northern Afghanistan, which led many Afghan forces to flee to Tajikistan through the shared border.


Radio Liberty also reported that the Afghan soldiers who have fled to Tajikistan are provided with food and shelter.


With escalated fighting in northern Afghanistan, many are concerned with the future stability of Afghanistan after a completed withdrawal of all foreign troops.