Taliban Will Present a Written Peace Proposal: Zabihullah Mujahid

Written Peace Proposal - Taliban.jpg

KABUL: Taliban will present a written peace proposal to the Afghan government in about a month, said Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesperson, to a British wire service on Monday.


Zabihullah said, “The peace talks and process will be accelerated in the coming days…and they are expected to enter an important stage, naturally it will be about peace plans.”


He said, “Possibly it will take a month to reach that stage when both sides will share their written peace plan.”


Last week, the Afghan peace talks resumed in Doha after a lengthy stall.


According to him, the peace talks are quite of significance to the Taliban, despite the group’s “upper hand” on the ground stating, “Although we (Taliban) have the upper hand on the battlefield, we are very serious about talks and dialogue.”


Najia Anwari, a spokesperson of the Afghan Ministry for Peace Affairs, confirmed that the peace talks had started again.


She commented on the Taliban’s claim to present a peace proposal saying, “It is difficult to anticipate that the Taliban will provide us with their written document of a peace plan in a month but let’s be positive. We hope they present (it) so as to understand what they want.”


Taliban, so far, has repeatedly been criticized for lack of clarity during the peace negotiations, putting out vague statements and talking points about their vision for a post-withdrawal Afghanistan.


A written peace proposal by the insurgency group could help add precision to the negotiation terms.


With an increased momentum in violent confrontations across Afghanistan, many fear the future of Afghanistan following a completed withdrawal.


National and international figures have repeatedly urged both sides to stop the war and continue the intra-Afghan peace talks.