UK to Leave a Small Number of Troops in Afghanistan

UK Special Troops.JPG

KABUL: The British government could leave a small number of special forces as an “advisory group” in Afghanistan, reported the Telegraph this Sunday, citing a former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier who was stationed in Afghanistan.


Telegraph reported that the special forces would “provide training to Afghan units and deploy with them on the ground as advisers,” adding “no determined time” as to how long these forces could remain in Afghanistan.


According to the former SAS soldier, “As long as they continue to see value, they will keep forces there. It’s not a pleasant place at the moment. People are scared, and rightly so.”


He commented on the Taliban’s continued offenses towards Afghan government forces, saying, “They are making it abundantly clear at every opportunity that their peace is with the coalition and not the Afghan government. The country will implode.”


In its report, Telegraph also quoted an anonymous senior military source to have claimed that Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, is to make an official announcement in this regard during a National Security Council meeting later this Monday.


The UK just recently completed its troops’ withdrawal after 20 years of missions with US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.


With a nearing complete troops’ withdrawal deadline and the increased violence across Afghanistan, many are concerned with the country’s future stability.