Abdullah Concerned with the Potential for Afghanistan to Turn into a Terrorist Sanctuary

Abdullah Abdullah.jpg

KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the high council for national reconciliation in Afghanistan, fears the country could once again turn into a safe haven for terrorist groups stating, “Nothing to guarantee that the country would not change to terrorists’ sanctuary,” in the most recent CNN interview. 

He expressed his concern over the Taliban’s refusal to cut ties with other terrorist groups and Al-Qaeda, saying, “This is a danger for us and for our region,” however, he dismissed the possibility of Kabul falling, claiming it to be Taliban propaganda.

While voicing his concerns, Abdullah also shared his disappointment with the current peace negotiations, calling it “slow peace process and peace negotiations.”

With more than half of US troops’ withdrawal completed, US president Joe Biden has claimed future cooperation and assistance with the Afghan government. 

Many are concerned with the alarming rate of terroristic activities all over Afghanistan with increased violence and constant conflict.