US Embassy’s Evacuation in Kabul, Not a Definite Plan, But a Possibility: US Officials

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KABUL: US officials reportedly are updating emergency evacuation plans for the US embassy in Kabul due to the latest Taliban offenses, according to CNN, while the possibility of a complete evacuation of the embassy is put out by the Wall Street Journal quoting US officials.  


According to US officials, “This is not a definite plan. It is a possibility.”


The article by Wall Street Journal stated the details of a potential evacuation to be classified; however, it did mention the US deploying helicopters alongside its crews in the Kabul airport in case of need for evacuation.


While Joe Biden, US president, did assure president Ghani of continuous US assistance to Afghanistan, US officials did announce the possibility of evacuating the US embassy during the Afghan president’s visit to Washington.


CNN, in its report quoting a senior defense official, stated, “In addition to bolstering the physical embassy security with US marines and contractors on the ground, there are now assets and troops in the region — including at the airport in Kabul and in nearby countries like Qatar — that are ready to assist if there is a need for an evacuation.”


The US recently handed in its biggest military base in Afghanistan, Bagram Air Base.


With an alarming increase in violence across Afghanistan and the continuous withdrawal of foreign troops, many are concerned with Afghanistan’s future.