Afghan Ulema Call the Current War Illegitimate


KABUL: A group of Afghan religious scholars declared the ongoing war in Afghanistan illegitimate and demanded an immediate end to the violence in a meeting this Saturday in Kabul, representing the Afghan Ulema Council. 


Mawlawi Sardar Zadran, the council’s acting head, emphasized the importance of religious scholars’ support of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) while asking both sides of the war to expedite their efforts for peace.


Zadran said, “The ulema council calls for an urgent end to violence by the warring parties because the ongoing war is, by all means, illegitimate.”


“War means destruction and damage. We call for the expedition of peace efforts and efforts to stop the violence. Have mercy on your people, don’t kill your brothers, don’t destroy your homes, don’t put the country into crisis,” he said.


The Taliban recently released a video showing Amir Mutaqi, a member of the group leadership, sitting with some residents of Kijran district in Daikundi province, where he claims, “We want a solution to the problem that exists for the last 43 years. We want the country freed from occupation, and a central, Islamic, and Afghan-inclusive system is established. We are here with this goal.”


Support from religious scholars in the highly religious country of Afghanistan is of quite an importance given their public outreach and respect within the community.


Recent violence in Afghanistan has reached harrowing heights, leading to many concerns with the future stability of the country and the livelihood of its citizens.