United States Seeks Peace and Will Support the ANDSF: General Miller


KABUL: General Scott Miller, the head of the US-NATO forces in Afghanistan, stated that the US would continue supporting the Afghan Security Forces.

According to Miller, The Taliban’s increased violence has made achieving peace more difficult.

He claimed that the Taliban would not win the conflict militarily, and the violence must be stopped.

“Coalition or US air forces are there to support and—when required—defend the Afghan security forces under attack,” said Miller.

On the Taliban’s potential offensive on major Afghan cities and Kabul, Miller said that such a move would be unacceptable to the Afghan people and the international community.

“That is something we shouldn’t see the Taliban trying to do, if, in fact, we’re committed to a political settlement, if we see that type of activity that calls into question all the work that has been done with the intra-Afghan discussions down in Doha and certainly with the international community desires as we go forward,” he said. 

Miller added, “Military takeover is not in the interest of anyone, certainly not for the people of Afghanistan. Today we have the ability—in accordance with the US-Taliban agreement—and the authority to provide the support that is obviously equipment and other maintenance type support—sustainment support—but also the ability to support the Afghan security forces when attacked.”

This remark comes following the surge of violence in all Afghan provinces.