Religious Scholars of Balkh Demand and End to War


KABUL: In the most recent local gathering titled, ‘Yak Sada Baray-e Solh wa Hamdeli,’ [One voice for peace and sympathy] in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital center of the Balkh province, many religious scholars asked all parties involved in the war to stop the violence and fighting.

They argued that war had brought extensive misfortune to the citizens of Afghanistan.

They believe that innocent civilians are the primary victims of daily fights between the Government and the Taliban, so the war has to be stopped.

Balkh province’s head of Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs, Mawlawi Mahmood Daneshjo, said that “People sick of the constant war and violence and can no longer stand this bloodshed.”

The main demands of the gathering were for the sides to agree to a permanent ceasefire and continue the peace negotiations.