Distress in Ghazni Residence


KABUL: Heavy attacks over government checkpoints in Shahbaz Khan, Esfanda, Al Birouni, Qlala-e-Qazi, Jabarwal, and Jangal Bagh neighborhoods by the Taliban are reported by Ghazni officials this Tuesday.

Member of Ghazni provincial council, Fatemah Rahimi, said the group has advanced to the city’s southwest where the former NATO-run Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) are located.

She also confirmed the fall of the government checkpoint in Qala-e-Qazi, and the entrance of the city, initiating attacks from Wardak, the neighboring province.

Shahbaz Khan, Jabarwal, and Jangal Bagh government checkpoints are also reported to have fallen to the Taliban after heavy fighting.

Many of Ghazni’s residents are moving to districts from the city center due to heavy fighting. 


They have expressed their frustration with having to displace and build their livelihoods from scratch as a result of the heated confrontations.


“When Ghazni fell two years ago, a lot of our wealth and properties were gone to the war,” said a local man. 

ANDSF soldiers are reported to be entering the province through helicopters to support the already fighting forces.

Locals also said that after the fall of checkpoints, many arms and military weapons are attained by the Taliban.  

Ghazni is considered a strategically valuable province that faces continuous attacks by the Taliban in the last weeks.

It once fell to the Taliban in 2018; however, it was retaken immediately by the government forces.