US Pledges Aircraft Support to Afghan Government


KABUL: US pledged to deliver 45 helicopters and a 7 A-29 artifact to the Afghan Government amid heavy fighting between Afghan National Defense Forces (ANDSF) and the Taliban, a security force’s spokesperson told journalists this Tuesday.

In a tweet, Sharif Hassan, Reporter for the Washington Post, said that the date of delivery is not yet specified, commenting “the government needs them badly and urgently, according to many media reports recently.”

Last week, Tolonews reported that during the Afghan delegation’s Washington meeting, the US would also provide the ANDSF with 37 Black Hawk helicopters and two A-29 Super Tucano fixed-wing attack artifacts.

US Commander of Forces General Scott Miller warned the Taliban of a potential air attack by the US in recent video footage obtained by AFP.

“Coalition or US air forces are there to support and—when required—defend the Afghan security forces under attack,” he said, warning, “[the US has] the ability to support the Afghan security forces when attacked.”

With an escalated rate of violence and armed confrontations in many provinces between the Taliban and Afghan Defense Forces, many are concerned with the future of Afghanistan after a completed US withdrawal.