Afghan Peace Negotiation Team Calls for a Permanent Ceasefire


KABUL: Afghan government’s peace negotiating team has said that they have discussed the high level of violence in the country and its impact on peace negotiations during a recent meeting in Kabul, High Council of National Reconciliation. 

In a Twitter post on Monday, the team said that the agenda for the meeting was a “Spike in violence and their impact on country’s citizens.”

In this meeting, the negative impact of increased violence on Peace negotiations was also discussed, the source added.

The meeting concluded that “Continued violence and bloodshed in the country is not the solution,” calling for “An end to war, having a permanent ceasefire, and progress in peace negotiations to reach a political consensus [which] would lead to a nation-wide, sustainable peace.”

This is amid a concerning rapid increase in violence in Afghanistan. Many hope for peace negotiations to put an end to the current conflict.